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Transparent Film Three-dimensional Packaging Machine Introduction---Components

Dec 05, 2017

Transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine introduction——Components

Transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is generally composed of the following parts: 1. Dynamic part; 2. Transmission mechanism; 3. Control system; 4. fuselage or rack; 5. Packaging work executing agency.

1. Power part

Dynamic part is the driving force of mechanical work, in modern industrial production is usually electric motors, in particular, there are also the use of burning motives or other power machinery.

2. Transmission mechanism

The transmission mechanism plays the role of transmitting power and motion. It is mainly composed of transmission parts, such as gears, cams, sprocket (chain), belts, screw, spiral worm and so on. According to the need can be designed for continuous, intermittent or variable-speed transport advised shirts.

3. Control system

In the packaging machinery, from the power output, the operation of the transmission mechanism, to the work of the Executive Body of the movement, as well as the coordination between the various agencies, and so on, are controlled by the control system instructions, manipulation. Modern packaging machinery control methods In addition to mechanical type, there are electrical control, pneumatic control, photoelectric control, electronic control and jet control. The selection of the method of controlling Rolex watch is generally determined by the level of industrialization and the scale of production, but many countries still adopt the control method of electromechanical combination.

4. Fuselage or rack

The fuselage (or rack) is the entire packing machine rigid skeleton, almost all installs the hair and the Omega Watch organization is installed in its work surface or the interior, therefore, the fuselage must have the sufficient rigidity, the reliable stability, the design should make the basin so that the mechanical center of gravity must be in the lowest state. However, attention should also be paid to reducing the machine's support and reducing the footprint.

5. Packaging work Executing agency

Packaging Machinery Packaging Action is done by the work of the organization, Armani * It is the core part of the packaging action. Most of the more complex packaging action by the use of rigorous active mechanical components or manipulator to achieve, it is often mechanical, electrical or photoelectric elements of the comprehensive application and regular coordination.