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Type Of Pharmaceutical Equipment For Effervescent Tablets

May 19, 2017

Type of pharmaceutical equipment for effervescent tablets

The pharmaceutical equipment of the film is the mill, the mixer, the granulator, the dry bath equipment, the tablet machine, etc. The quality of pharmaceutical equipment produced by Guangdong rich packing machinery co., LTD. Is now introducing the selection of products for the development of the pharmaceutical equipment.


(1) Crusher: the grinding of the crusher has shearing, impact, grinding, extrusion, splitting and so on. There are mainly two types of impact high-speed pulverizer and circular screen wind mill.

(2) Mixer: multi trough mixer is used when making soft material; and mixing cartridge is often used when adding lubricant, such as V type mixing barrel.

(3) Granulating machine: swing type particle machine and rotary granulator are adopted. The rotary granulator is good to prevent the metal from being broken into the particles due to the broken screen.

2. Drying machine

(1) Tray type dryer: oven drying, simple structure. Using this type of drying, soluble ingredients containing particles, in between the particles "migration", the differences in the contents of soluble sugar between the particles, influence the uniformity of film, so in the process of drying should often turn plate particles. In this way, the difference between the soluble components in the particles can be reduced, and the drying can be accelerated. Drying in an oven usually requires 2h.

(2) Fluidized bed dryer: the method uses the hot air to "wet" the particles and makes the heat exchange and drying in the fluidized state. Multi purpose vertical boiling dryer, drying speed is generally less than 1h can be completed, you can reduce labor intensity. Because the particles in the drying process are not in close contact with each other, there is less migration between the particles, which is beneficial to maintain the uniform state. (3) Fluidized spray granulation: also known as one-step granulation method, this method can be mixed, granulation, drying, etc., and in a set of equipment to complete.

The advantages and disadvantages of drying room and vulcanizing bed drying equipment are as follows:

Drying room advantages: suitable for all varieties and small batch production. Disadvantages: long drying time, high labor intensity and low production efficiency.

The utility model has the advantages of low drying temperature, uniform drying, high thermal energy utilization, convenient operation, large output and high labor productivity, and is suitable for continuous operation of the same breed. Disadvantages: equipment is not easy to clean.

3. Tablet press machine

(1) single punch tablet press machine: generally used for new product trial production or small quantity production.

(2) rotary tablet press machine: it is a widely used tablet press at present. The feeding method is reasonable, the weight difference is small, the pressure is raised from the upper and the lower sides, the pressure distribution is uniform, and the output is high.

(3) Double layer and multi layer tablet press machine: double layer and multi layer tabletting equipment. The utility model is provided with a matched hopper and a quantitative feeder, and the structure principle is the same as that of the rotary tablet press.

To determine the form of packaging and packaging materials: sugar packaging effervescent tablets can take the pillow into fruit foil, heat sealing, folding, small goldfish cylindrical plastic bottles and other packaging forms. Generally speaking, the most common form of effervescent tablets is the form of tablet packaging, that is, blister packaging and blister packaging.

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