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Wet Granulator Maintenance Instructions

Apr 06, 2017

Wet granulator Maintenance instructions

In order to help customers to better understand and do a good job of wet granulator maintenance work, Guangdong RichPacking hereby introduces the relevant knowledge, hoping to be helpful.

1, Do regular inspection of equipment parts, check if the worm gear, worm, bearings and other activities are flexible and wear conditions regularly and monthly, if absence trap is found, the granulator should be promptly repaired.

2, The machine should be placed in a dry cleaning indoor, not be put in the place where its atmosphere must not contain acids, and other gas with corrosive other parts of the mechanical.

3, Once the machine is shut down, it should remove the rotary drum to wash and brush the remaining powder in bucket, and then installed for preparation for the next use.

4, If the machine is not used for a longer time, the machine must be wiped clean, the smooth parts of the machine should be coated anti-rust oil, with cloth to cover well.