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What Are The Advantages Of Rotary Tablet Press

Jan 24, 2019

What are the advantages of rotary tablet press

Nowadays, although China's tablet press industry has made great achievements, new products are emerging in an endless stream. Facing the expanding demand of the pharmaceutical market, China's tablet press enterprises are constantly carrying out technological innovation to promote the development of tablet press equipment to the direction of intellectualization. It is understood that the direction of development of tablet press technology abroad is intelligent, flexible and precise.

The production of tablet press has a long history in our country. It exports early and produces large quantities. The number and specifications of the manufacturers of tablet press are in the forefront of the world. Especially in recent years, tablet press manufacturing enterprises began to pay attention to product quality, believing in the "quality wins" business philosophy, the developed tablet press products have the characteristics of simple operation, easy cleaning and fast.

With the deepening of GMP certification, ZP series rotary tablet presses which fully conform to GMP have appeared one after another. High-speed rotary tablet press has made great progress in production, pressure signal acquisition, waste rejection and other technologies. In addition, with the improvement of manufacturing and processing technology, automation control technology and various special needs of tablet press manufacturers, various special purpose tablet presses have emerged one after another.

In view of the shortcomings of unidirectional tablet press such as cracks and uneven density of tablets, a rotary multi-punch two-way tablet press was born. This tablet press presses up and down uniformly at the same time, so that the air in the drug particles has sufficient time to escape from the die hole, which improves the uniformity of tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of fragmentation. In addition, the rotary tablet press has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight.

The high-speed rotary tablet press has forced feeding mechanism. The machine is controlled by PLC. It has functions of automatically adjusting pressure, controlling sheet weight, eliminating discarded sheets, printing data and displaying failure shutdown. Besides controlling the discrepancy of sheet weight within a certain range, it can automatically identify and eliminate the quality problems such as missing angle and loose cracks.

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