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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Fully Automatic Capsule Machine?

Dec 22, 2020

The automatic capsule machine has a high output, and the maximum output can reach 7,800 capsules per minute. The product discharge method is single row and double discharge, which has the advantage of no dust and no loss of parts. Concealed gas springs and upturned plexiglass doors make it more convenient and simple to clean the table, so that users can use the product comfortably and conveniently. It adopts automatic switching to control the blanking process of the capsule in the main board, which reduces manual links and meets GMP requirements.

The front and rear dislocation module hole arrangement method improves the accuracy of powder filling and makes the filling more accurate. The lower module axis of the fully automatic capsule machine adopts dual-axis positioning for easy installation and good stability. The upper and lower module seats are integrated with the shaft, and the processing and assembly accuracy is high, which reduces the time for module replacement. The module cleaning station is designed as a needle-type brush blowing cleaning method. For the powder that is easy to stick in the mold hole, the additional needle-type brush blowing cleaning device can be extended into the mold hole and blow with the brush head and compressed air , Inhale from the top suction port. This blow and suck makes the mold hole cleaning more thoroughly. It avoids the deviation of the capsule pulling action of the next station caused by the residual powder in the die hole.

The automatic capsule machine has a double discharge slot structure, no pollution, no consumables, and the front and back discharge volume can be observed. The upper moving module of the automatic capsule machine is controlled by the side guide rail. The stroke is accurate, the disassembly is convenient, and the adjustment is easy. The double groove sealing ring protects the bearing from entering the powder during use; the simplified five-point leveling mechanism and the upper seat body make cleaning The scattered powder is more convenient and helps improve work efficiency.