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What Are The Characteristics Of Different Types Of Cartoning Machines

Oct 02, 2019

What are the characteristics of different types of cartoning machines


The difference between carton vertical cartoning machine and capsule horizontal cartoning machine lies in the form of carton placement when the product is loaded. The machine equipment for carton standing loading is called vertical cartoning machine. It is mainly used in powder, granular and liquid material cartoning, and generally has weighing and measuring functions. The machine equipments for laying cartons on their back are called horizontal cartoning machines, which are mainly used for packing materials like bags and blocks. Usually what we call automatic cartoning machine refers to horizontal cartoning machine.

The distinction between granule intermittent cartoning machine and continuous cartoning machine is relatively simple. One stop and one move of intermittent cartoning machine is a cartoning cycle. Continuous cartoning machine is a continuous, continuous carton packaging machine equipment, which is much faster than intermittent cartoning machine, the highest speed is usually more than 150, so it is also called high-speed cartoning machine.

Semi-automatic cartoning machine and multi-functional full-automatic cartoning machine distinguish whether manual loading is needed or not. Full-automatic cartoning machine feeding is realized by machine. Therefore, the cartoning machine in the packaging production line belongs to full-automatic cartoning machine.

Intermittent cartoning machines are generally difficult to break through 80 boxes per minute. Above this speed, stability will be very poor. 80-150 boxes per minute is an excessive segment of intermittent and continuous cartoning machines. The essence of speed classification is also the division of intermittent and continuous cartoning machines.

In the industry, different industries have different specific requirements for cartoning. Drug cartoning machines require cartoning machines to carry instructions and multi-layer materials. The hygienic standard of food cartoning machine is strict.