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What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Purchasing Fully Automatic Cartoning Machine

Oct 09, 2019

What Are the Most Important Aspects of Purchasing Fully Automatic cartoning Machine


1. Flexibility of medicinal horizontal cartoning machine

Whether now or in the future, packaging needs may change. So when choosing the cartoning machine, this point can not be ignored. If you expect the size of cartons or products to change in the future, make sure that the machine you buy can be modified, or can handle cartons of different sizes. In addition, you need to find out whether the speed of the cartoning machine you want to buy can meet your current and future speed needs. -

2. The size of the machine for medical fast packing machine

In addition, when choosing a supplier, it depends on whether he can provide a variety of types of boxes, so that you can easily find the type suitable for your packaging production line. If you buy a large front-end product processing equipment, you can buy a smaller cartoning machine. In short, look at a few more machines, compare them, and then choose the boxer that suits your factory size. -

3. Integration of Medical Automatic Boxing Machine with Upstream and Downstream Equipment

Fully automatic cartoning machines are generally located in the middle of the production line. Make sure that the cartoning machine you buy connects and communicates with upstream and downstream equipment. Because a production line also includes a variety of other machines, such as electronic granulator, aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, as well as downstream packing machine and palletizer. If you buy only one cartoner, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate the production line. -

4. Delivery time of tablet horizontal cartoning machine

Customers now require fast delivery, and more importantly, they require suppliers to deliver machines within the agreed time limit. You can request the supplier's production plan to ensure that all production steps, including design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring and programming processes, are in place.

5. Technical Service Support of Horizontal Medical Carton Machine

After the machine is installed in the factory, the supplier should continue to provide technical support. By knowing how many service technicians the supplier has, you can know how fast his service feedback is. Choose a supplier that can provide 24-hour service. If you are in a different area from the supplier, make sure you are in the service coverage area.