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What Are The Precautions For Die Disassembly Of Tablet Press Machine?

Nov 06, 2019

What are the precautions for die disassembly of tablet press machine?

Installation, adjustment and use

1. Installation and adjustment of die:

1.1 preparation before die installation: remove hopper and feeder. Open the right door, turn the hand wheel to clean the working surface of the turntable, the die hole and the die to be installed. Rotate the pressure regulating wheel to minimize the pressure. Remove the lower handling rail.

1.2 installation of middle die: screw the fastening screw of middle die on the turntable out of the turntable outer circle for about 1mm, and pay attention not to collide with the powder suction nozzle and other parts, so as not to collide with the head of the screw when the middle die is installed. The middle die device is tight and should be placed stably. Insert the punch bar into the upper punching hole, and then drive it gently. After the middle die enters the die hole, it is qualified if its plane is not higher than the plane of the turntable, and then fasten the screws.

1.3 installation of punching up: first remove the tongue, then insert the punching up bar into the hole, rotate the punching up bar with thumb and index finger, check the flexibility of the head moving up and down into the middle die, and it is qualified if there is no jamming. Then turn the hand wheel to the punch neck to contact the parallel rail. After all the punch bars are installed, install the tongue.

1.4 installation of undercutting: install according to the method of undercutting, and install the undercutting loading and unloading rail after installation.

1.5 type operation: after the whole set of mold is installed, turn the hand wheel to make the turntable rotate for 2 weeks, and observe the upper and lower punch bars entering the middle mold hole and running on the track. No jamming or collision is acceptable. It should be noted that the highest point (i.e. at the exit) should be 0.1-0.3mm higher than the working face of the turntable. Close all doors, start the motor, idle for 2 minutes, and use it after the operation is stable.