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What Is Automatic Counting Machine

Mar 06, 2019

What is Automatic counting machine

The automatic counting machine has three sensors, one is a bottle sensor for detecting whether there is a bottle on the conveyor belt, and the other is a blanking sensor for detecting whether all the capsules or tablets of the lowering tray are dropped. The cutting path, here we use the proximity switch with a detection distance of 10mm as the blanking sensor; the last one is the level sensor, which is used to detect whether the feeding tray needs to be fed. Here we use a homemade two-position control switch for the material. The position sensor is mounted in the stock tray.

The simple working process of the automatic counting machine is as follows: After the automatic counting machine starts, the transmission motor runs, the conveyor belt sends the canned bottles to the discharge port, and two cylinders are installed on the left and right sides of the discharge port, one It is the cylinder of the bottle, and the other is the cylinder of the bottle. When the cylinder of the bottle is retracted and the cylinder of the bottle is extended, the conveyor belt sends the bottle to the discharge port, and then enters the cylinder and then extends, which will be located at the discharge port. The bottle is locked in position to prepare for canning. After the bottle is in place, the unloading motor starts to run, which drives the lowering tray to rotate. The hopper tray is a disc that is divided into several equal parts and has the same number of round holes per aliquot. The lower tray is installed obliquely, and the upper part is a bottle or a tablet to be bottled, and the bottom is a piece of engraved material. The circular plate of the hole. When the lower tray rotates (with vibration), the capsule or tablet falls into a round hole, and each round hole carries a capsule or tablet to rotate a predetermined number of capsules or tablets together with the lower tray, when the round hole passes through the lower hole, the capsule or The tablet is dropped to the lower feed channel and filled into the bottle through the discharge port. Thus, after each aliquot of the hopper tray passes through the discharge opening, the aliquot of the capsule or tablet is loaded into the bottle through the discharge port before the next aliquot has reached the discharge opening. When the capsule or tablet is all in the bottle, the cylinder of the stopper is retracted, and the canned bottle is discharged to complete the canning process of the bottle. After the canned bottle has left, the stopper cylinder is extended and the inlet cylinder is retracted, the next bottle enters the station, and the next aliquot of the capsule or tablet to be attached to the lower tray is prepared to start a new work cycle.