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What Is The Best Capsule Filler Machine For The Laboratory

Dec 31, 2020

In recent years, there are more and more universities and laboratories carrying out pharmaceutical research, and the demand for trial production experiment is growing. The requirements of this kind of user group for capsule filling machine are accurate loading, stable operation, dust-free, small floor area, low noise, convenient movement and high efficiency. At present, medium and large-scale capsule filling equipment is not the best choice for such customers.


In view of the current market demand, Guangdong Rich Packing has recently developed a mini convenient automatic capsule filling machine for laboratory use: njps-200 / 400, which has 6 major technological innovations and 2 invention patents. It can fill powder, granule and other materials into hollow capsules (000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).


1.Reasonable design,modular structure, easy operation and lower failure rate. 

2.Built-in vacuum pump, small size (700*570*1650mm), energy saving and environmental protection, no vibration, low noise.

3.empty capsule and material dynamic detection prompt and fault diagnosis.

4.Using a high-precision divider, the indexing axis is processed at one time, the equipment is stable in operation, the loading accuracy is high, and the error is ≤3%.

5.99% chance of empty capsules

6.The turntable adopts a sealed design and uses SIL imported rubber and silica gel seals to effectively prevent powder from entering the turntable, with good sealing performance and no dust spillage pollution; the turntable's transverse double shaft adopts PTFE oil-free bearings, and no oil and maintenance are required for life; structure Modular, equipped with inching operation, easy to disassemble and wash, and mold replacement can be completed within 15 minutes.

7.The filling mechanism adopts three-dimensional adjustment, so that the metering disc is evenly stressed, and the adjustment is accurate and fast.

8.Suction capsule. Out capsule. Lock capsule. Shaved shaft exclusively adopts dual-seal configuration. The first seal uses NBR nitrile rubber to block the loss of lubricating oil. The second seal uses imported SIL silicone rubber seals to block powder from entering the bearing, effectively Solve the problem of jamming caused by powder entering the bearing.

9.The filling rod, the upper and lower mold holes, and the metering plate are all subjected to electrodeless electronic polishing, which enhances the fluidity of the material between the stations, and solves the problems of material stickiness,and easy moisture absorption. (According to the nature of the material and the special requirements of customers, we can provide Teflon coating treatment services)

10.The concentricity of the mold is accurate, and there is zero deviation to ensure that the capsule does not rub the edges or damage.

11.Equipped with an online air-compression mold cleaning system, the upper and lower molds are clean and dust-free, which improves the effect of sacking.

12.Automatic waste rejection device improves installation efficiency.

13.The control electric appliance adopts world famous brand, modular setting, convenient for inspection and maintenance, Siemens man-machine interface, real-time counting, and printing equipment can be configured according to customer needs, and the production date, batch number, code, etc. can be printed randomly.

14.All parts contacting the medicine are made of stainless steel 316, and the waste rejection device is made of seven-series aviation aluminum.

15.The equipment is small in size, low in energy consumption, easy to clean, stable in operation, suitable for long-term continuous experiments.

Njps-200/400 automatic capsule filling machine of Guangdong Rich Packing can automatically and continuously complete the production processes of sowing, dividing, filling, locking, weeding, and finished product output. It has the advantages of accurate loading, stable operation, dust-free, small floor area, low noise, convenient and efficient movement, and meets the requirements of GMP and jb20025-2004 "automatic capsule filling machine for drugs". It is an experimental model I want to see the equipment.


Guangdong Rich Packing focuses on the production of professional pharmaceutical and packaging equipment for nearly 30 years. Automatic capsule filling machine is our main product with simple operation, large equipment capacity, convenient cleaning and stable operation.


Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.