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Why The Packaging Machine In The Squeak Sound?

Nov 12, 2016

The fault appears in the sealing machine is running, "Squeak" sound is often sudden, next step is to seal uneven speed, packaging bags embossed texture is not good, affect product quality. Occasionally works, but erratic.

This phenomenon is due to mechanical damage or wear, and lubrication.

In addition, if joint laxity and serious loss of high temperature belt grinding and not clean, surface dirt, running process does not synchronize with the traction wheels, sometimes also issue "Squeak" sound. Solution is to replace with the specifications of the high temperature area.

Replacement of high temperature with a certain amount of skill. First hand the pressure wheel spring compression, and then bring the temperature of a place on the wheel and the other was on another wheel by hand in, the Governor is set to low speed, starts, by inertia, high temperature belt is automatically loaded up.

Sometimes "Squeak" sound issued from the DC motor. Could be oil motor bearings. If this is the case, you should remove and lubricate, noise can be eliminated.