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Working Principle And Characteristics Of Coating Machine

May 04, 2017

Working principle and characteristics of coating machine

The coating machine is a device for forming a film outside a tablet core by a polymer. Spraying the coating machine solution on the surface of the rolling core by spraying, the hot air is added to evaporate the solvent on the core of the rolling sheet to form a continuous polymer film on the surface. The formation of droplet, droplet moving to the core, the droplets in the core surface impact, spreading, coalescence effect and thin film drying are important factors that influence the coating, the designers and operators need to understand and control, in order to achieve high quality coating.

Main features of coating machine:
 (1) Regulation of drug release;
 (2) to improve the stability of tablets to prevent the oxidation of light or air;
 (3) poor taste is not easy to swallow tablets to overcome shortcomings;
 (4) isolation of compatible drugs.

The formation mechanism and influencing factors of the film: the structure of the film is not uniform, and the appearance is different. This inhomogeneity is due to the addition of insoluble components (such as pigments), which are intended to be added. The majority of the coating process is to spray the polymer solution in the solid core after spray drying, and then accept the next spray, this process needs to be repeated until the coating is completed. In order to get a good coating effect, the formation mechanism of the thin film should be understood.

The important stages of whole process:
 (1) the formation of droplets;
 (2) preparation of coating solution or suspension;
 (3) the movement of droplets from the spray gun to the bed;
 (4) the impact, wetting, spreading and coalescence of droplets on the surface of the core or on the surface of the particles;
 (5) dry gelation and adhesion film
Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd bgf-5f high efficiency coating machine is used for testing special equipment for the Chinese and western tablets and the surface of the pill. The equipment are made in accordance with the GMP requirements, all of its shell, the coating roller, coating pan, spraying device, and all parts are all made of stainless steel materials in contact with the drug. The whole operating in the closed state, no dust and spray liquid splashes, is a kind of high quality, reliable, clean and energy saving, convenient operation, in accordance with the SOP operation new coating equipment. The whole operation process is controlled by a microprocessor programmable system, also can use manual control, can adjust and control the slurry atomization coverage, can adjust and control the slurry atomization coverage.