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Working Principle Of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Dec 25, 2019

Working principle of automatic cartoning  machine

The automatic cartoning  machine adopts a series of complicated transmissions, imitating human actions to automatically complete the processes of unpacking, unpacking, folding instructions, packaging products and instructions, and sealing. Now let's take the pharmaceutical cartoning as an example to understand the working process of this automatic cartoning  machine.

The work flow of the pharmaceutical cartoning machine is as follows.

The fast cartoning machine first discharges the material from the unloading device onto the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is equipped with a photoelectric switch to detect whether the products that meet the requirements meet the requirements. If it meets the requirements, the high-speed cartoning machine PLC will transmit the order to the paper folding machine and the suction box mechanism.

The manual placed on the paper folding machine is sucked into the paper folding machine under the combined action of compressed air and vacuum gas. After being folded and formed according to the user's requirements, it is transported by the rotating paper clip and sent to the paper feeding chain. Driven by the paper-feeding chain to the pushing plate station, waiting for the product to be pushed into the box. At the same time, the medicinal cartoning  machine uses the suction box mechanism to suck out the carton manually placed in the carton library, sends it to the carton chain and opens the box, and then the carton chain is driven to the drug pushing station to wait for drug pushing. When the sensor on the front panel does not detect the manual on the paper feed chain, the command is transmitted to the PLC. At this time, the device controls the cylinder to reject the unqualified product at the box outlet at a certain time.

Medicine cartoning machine When the carton is correctly sucked out of the library, it falls on the chain, and the sensor at the lower end has no signal output. When the carton fails during the suction process (such as jam), the carton pressing lever is turned up. From then on, the PLC sends out a control signal to stop the host and wait for the fault to be restarted. When the carton is correctly sucked and placed on the carton chain, the sensor on the middle board detects a carton signal within the waiting time. Then the longitudinal medicine pushing mechanism pushes the medicine plate and instructions into the box. If a jam occurs during the process, the overload device on the push rod will work, and the sensor will send a signal at this time, which will stop the host.

Medicine plate cartoning machine When the medicine plate and instructions are pushed into the box accurately, the carton will continue to move forward under the drive of the carton chain. After the batch numbering device is installed, the steel characters are typed and enter the box sealing station. A waste rejection device is installed on the exit conveyor belt, which can remove all the wastes that are detected by the front medicine board to ensure that all the small boxes are qualified.