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Working Principle Of Chinese Medicine Dressing Machine

Oct 23, 2018

Working principle of Chinese medicine dressing machine


Guangdong Rich Packing traditional Chinese medicine coating machine is applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, tablets, pills package sugar garment, rolled food and chemical products, sugar pan materials are stainless steel, copper, rotating speed adjustable. We can provide the special pot according to the customer's requirement.

Equipment use

The machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food research institute for coating and polishing tablet, pill, and confectionery pill or coating in food industry.

After the coating is polished, the sugar coating is bright, which can not only prevent the tablet chip from oxidizing and deteriorating, but also conceal the unpleasant taste of the tablet chip, and also ease the dissolution process in the human body.

The working principle of

In order to make the chip evenly coated on the surface of the crystal as soon as possible, and achieve the purpose of polishing, molasses should be sprayed on the chip in the pot in several times, and then rotating clockwise through the pot, so that the sugar coating piece in the pot roll, rub, grind, so that the sugar coating is even. At the same time, the hot air is poured into the pot, and the water on the surface of the sugar coating is quickly removed. Finally, the uniform and smooth sugar coating is obtained.

This machine is a common equipment of the sugar coating process, which rotates at a stable linear speed of the pot body, so that the pill forms the best parabolic curve in the pot, and the thickness and thickness of the sugar coating are uniform, bright color and without the technical requirements of the pitting.

The machine features

(1) the machine is equipped with eccentric wheel, which can be used to adjust the tilt Angle of the icing pan according to the characteristics of tablets.

(2) adopt worm and worm gear as the terminal output of motion, and the operation is stable.

(3) the hot air assembly device adopts resistance wire heating, and sets height and low temperature for easy control.

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