Candy Tablet Press Machine Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

This machine is single pressing type and suitable for pressing raw granular into tablets. This automatic Pill Press Machine is used for R&D and small-scale production.

Product Details

ZP-35 Rotary Tablet Press Machine


1High efficiency and high cost performance. This machine adopts double pressure,  with 35 sets of mold, maximum press diameter 16mm, maximum capacity 130000/ hours, maximum press thickness 6mm. 

2It meets the requirements of GMP. The whole shell is made of stainless steel, and the chamber is separated from the outside environment by the organic glass, with good sealing. All the contacting parts of the tablet press meet the requirements of "no poison, no odor and corrosion prevention". The turntable is made of nodular cast iron and strictly implemented for 12 months, which is hard, wearable, non-toxic and smooth, which fully meets the requirements of GMP. 

3The equipment has high precision, stable weight, sensitive adjustment and smooth operation.

   3.1 The hole of upper punch, lower punch and middle mold, the axis of outer circle to the center of the shaft hole coaxiality is H8 (-0.165/0).

   3.2 The contact parts of die hole surface and the upper and lower die and rail roughness Ra≤1.6μm, the feeder is tin bronze (ZQSn6-6-3) material, the surface of nickel chromium, the bottom roughness Ra≤0.8μm.

   3.3 The sensitivity of the hand wheel is 0.1mm.

   3.4 The upper and downlink rail motion adopts the cosine curve, and the acceleration is 0, no jump and more stable operation.    

parameters of rotary tablet press machine

Dies No.

35 set

Max. Production Capacity

134000 pcs/h

Max. Pressure


Max. Dia. of Tablet


Max. Depth of Filling


Max. Thickness of Tablet


Dia. Of Middle Die


Length of Upper/Lower Punching Bar


Dia.of Upper/Lower Punching Bar


Rotary Speed

532 r/min



Weight of Machine


Outline Dim.


Packing Size


Packing size of Dust Collector

960×620×1460 mm

rotary tablet press machine


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