Germany Capsule Filler Machine

This NJP-6000C fully automatic capsule filling machine is filling the powder into 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 size capsule and NJP-6000C is a large production capacity can make 360000pcs capsules per hour

Product Details

1、 NJP-6000C fully automatic capsule filling machine have the advantages of Reasonable design,modular structure, easy operation and lower failure rate. 

2NJP-6000C fully automatic capsule filling machine Safety first, all the working stations take full account of the personal safety, such as the door control and emergency stop switch. 

3NJP-6000C fully automatic capsule filling machine Segmentation adapt German Cai Si for 3 seconds (Zeiss) optical dividing head indexing, indexing shaft completed a one-time processing, loading and high precision, the error is less than or equal to 3%.

4NJP-6000C fully automatic capsule filling machine Rotary design to obtain a patent for utility model, the sealing ring using imported SIL silicone rubber, effectively prevent powder into the internal turntable, good sealing performance, no dust overflow pollution; Transverse biaxial adapt PTFE oil-less bearing, no need refueling; modular structure, equipped with jog operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning, replacement of mold only 15 minutes.

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