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With the rapid development of technology and science, a great innovation has been implemented on the 27d tablet press machine. Make this 27d tablet press have high quality evaluation and superb functions, making all walks of life will be the first to use machinery.

Product Details


27d pharmaceutical machinery tablet press has won praise from many customers and is famous for its convenient operation. Why 27d large pill tablet press machine is easy to operate?


Because 27d large pill tablet press machine only needs to put the material into the machine, it can automatically help you press the finished product. This can save manpower and material resources, and can also improve production efficiency, which is suitable for large and medium sized industries.


Not only is it famous for its automation, it is also famous for its ease of maintenance. The feeding hopper, the discharge port, etc. are all detachable, which makes cleaning more convenient. And large pill tablet press machine mold of the turntable can also be quickly replaced and maintained. Customers need to press different shapes and sizes, and they can also change the mold within ten minutes to have different tablets.


Dies No.

27 set mold

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs / hour

Max. Pressure

120 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet

25 mm

Outline Dim.

1040 × 910 × 1690 mm

Packing Size

1340 × 1100 × 1960 mm

Packing size of Dust Collector

960 × 620 × 1460 mm

Model Names

27D pharmaceutical machinery tablet press

automatic tablet pressing machine


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rotary press machine

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