automatic rotary press making machine

Our factory covers an area of about Eight thousand square meters There is also a professional R&D team researching machines. Every production step has a special person to prosecute and send every machine that meets the quality standards to the customer. The trust of customers is our source of motivation.

Product Details

The 17d automatic rotary press making machine is a highly cost-effective machine. Its turntable is made of nodular cast iron QT500, or is pressed with solid bar material, which has the characteristics of heat resistance and wear resistance. The turntable made of this material has strong stability.


The material of the mold is GCR15, which has strong hardness and anti-corrosion function.

The mold can be customized according to the customer's needs. If you need to press finished products of different shapes and sizes, you only need to purchase the mold again.


Why do many customers choose to buy our 17d automatic rotary press making machine? It is because it meets GMP requirements in addition to favorable prices and can be suppressed in many shapes (circular, irregular, circular). Customers in Ampera, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, the United States and other places have used this product.


automatic rotary press making machine




Dies No.

11 set mold

15 set mold

17 set mold

Max. Pressure


80 kn

60 kn

Max. Dia. of Tablet


25 mm

20 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

28 mm

15 mm

15 mm

Max.Thickness of Tablet

10 mm

6 mm

6 mm

Rotary Speed


30 r/min

30 r/min

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