automatic tablet press machine

Because the maximum pressure of zp-17d is 100kN, the maximum diameter of the tablet is 40mm, and it is the enhanced version of zp-17, so it will be the first choice for pharmaceutical, chemical and other enterprises in mass production.

Product Details
Maximum tablet diameter

20 mm

Maximum filling depth15mm
Maximum tablet thickness6mm
Turntable speed

30 r/min

The machine is characterized by high pressure and wide range of tabletting. Because the machine is equipped with a rotary table with double dust collection, the dust removal effect is good, so the disk surface of the rotary table is not easy to accumulate dust due to excessive pressure. At the same time, the rotary table is made of nodular cast iron qt500, which does not need to worry about instability, heat resistance and wear resistance due to long-term use.

Because of the pollution and other problems, we put the power part at the bottom in a closed way. At the same time, in order to prevent pollution and other problems, we used transparent plexiglass 100% isolation.

In order to make the machine more stable and accurate, we have adopted several measures: synchronous gear belt is used in the motor belt, which is not easy to slip; power transmission is stable; digital display adjustment is adopted, which makes the data digitized and more accurate; the support part also uses iron castings, which increases the stability of the machine

In terms of safety, we have strengthened protection measures in all links, added pressure overload protection device to protect the machine, enhanced safety in feeding, pressing and other aspects, and protected users.

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