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The 27D automatic tablet making machine is a double press, and the output is higher than the old single-tablet press. Therefore, if you want to get high output, the 27D automatic tablet making machine is your first choice, price and price It is very cost-effective. It not only has high output, but also can meet the requirements of four kinds of tablets. It has a variety of choices and good results.

Product Details

This automatic tablet making machine strictly complies with the requirements of GMP, so it also meets the manufacturing and production requirements of pharmaceutical and food companies. It also has the characteristics of good sealing performance and cleanness. The automatic tablet making machine has no other smell and no corrosive characteristics, which more effectively prevents the cross-contamination of powder or particles and the automatic tablet making machine.

In addition to meeting GMP standards, the automatic tablet making machine is also an intelligent automatic tablet making machine. Equipped with a pressure overload protection device based on the principle of eccentric torque, in order to protect the mold and the machine from damage. It can also effectively avoid the problem of oil coming out of the machine. For this problem, we also use the technology of Japan Valley (Intelligent Lubrication System) to lubricate the machine in time.

Our company not only has automatic tablet making machine, but also other types of pharmaceutical packaging equipment to provide you with one-stop production and training services, so you can rest assured to buy the products you want to buy. We also have our own factory, covering an area of 7,996 square meters, with professional R&D personnel and high-end equipment. Finally, we can also provide you with quality inspection, raw material inspection, real-time inspection of the production process, quality inspection, operation inspection, factory inspection and a series of after-sales services.

Dies Number

27 sets 

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs/h

Max. Pressure

120 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet

25 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

35 mm

automatic tablet pressing machine

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