medicine tablet making machine

Zp-20 is a tablet press for laboratory and small studios. The maximum production can reach 40000 / h. It can compress irregular shapes of tablets, round tablets and candy. The machine is strictly in accordance with GMP requirements and is suitable for use in pharmaceutical industry. It is also a product widely used in the food and electronics industries.

Product Details

 Zp-20 medicine tablet making machine has high precision and stable operation: the coaxiality of punching is H8, and the sensitivity of hand wheel for filling adjustment and pressure adjustment is high, up to 0.1mm. The zp 20 medicine tablet making machine is equipped with famous brand products imported from Germany Siemens, Japan Omron, Japan Valley and Taiwan Delta. It is not only safer to operate, but also has a long service life.


Zp-20 medicine tablet making machine is also easy to operate. Mold, hopper, feeder can be disassembled, the installation speed is very fast, for customers to clean and maintain the machine provides more convenience.


Guangdong RICH Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. has a history of 28 years, with 23 technical R & D personnel and an annual output of 3000 sets of equipment. Following the control of the raw materials, production process, ex factory inspection and after-sales service quality of the machines, customers can receive the goods and use them safely.



Zp 20 medicine tablet making machine

Dies No.

20 set

Max. Production Capacity

40000 pcs/h

Max. Pressure

80 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet

25 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

18 mm

Max. Thickness of Tablet

8 mm

AC contactor

Germany Siemens


Japan Omron

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