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With the development of life, technology has been continuously innovated and reformed, and the tablet press is one of the products. The general process of tablet pressing is to enter the powder from the feeder, compress it into tablets, and then exit from the discharge port.

Product Details

27D health care tablet press machine is capable of continuously compressing powder or granules into round tablets, irregularly shaped tablets, two-color tablets and ring-shaped tablets. This production machine can be applied to pharmaceutical companies, food companies, etc. as mass production.


The 27D health care tablet press machine has double feed hoppers, double feed ports, etc., and adopts a double pressure method. Compared with a single-press tablet press, this machine has a larger output at the same speed, reaching 55,000 tablets per hour. The technological process of the tablet press is continuous, continuous feeding and continuous tablet discharging.



What is a tablet press machine,let me tell you. Tablet presses can be divided into single-punch tablet presses, flower basket tablet presses, rotary tablet presses, sub-high-speed rotary tablet presses, fully automatic high-speed tablet presses and rotary core-spun tablet presses. The tablet press 27D with a linear speed of 7 to 17 revolutions per minute that the punch rotates with the turntable is a fully automatic sub-high-speed rotary tablet press.



27D health care tablet press machine

Number of punches


Maximum production capacity

55,000 pieces/ hour

Maximum tablet pressure

120 KN

Maximum tablet diameter

25 mm

Maximum filling depth

35 mm

Maximum tablet thickness

17 mm


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Germany Siemens



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