pharmaceutical tablet press

29d is a high-pressure, high-efficiency pharmaceutical tablet press machine, which meets GMP requirements, has a structured, modular design, high precision and stable operation. There are also highly intelligent pressure overload protection, intelligent lubrication function, and the configuration adopts products imported from Germany and Japan.

Product Details

29d is a dual-press pharmaceutical tablet press with two feeding hoppers and two discharge ports. It has a large output and can produce 75,000 tablets per hour. It is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries that require mass production.


The machinery used for pharmacy must comply with GMP standards, and also comply with 29d pharmaceutical tablet press. Its characteristic is that the machine adopts stainless steel casing. The material of the door is plexiglass, and the door is opened by a gas spring, which effectively isolates the external environment and achieves a good sealing performance.


Our company has obtained CE, SGS, ISO9001, Guangdong Province contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise certifications, with extremely high productivity, and has 23 R&D personnel, annual production of more than 3,000 high end equipment, and has won the support and trust of customers in many places.


pharmaceutical tablet press Machine Model

ZP- 29D tablet press

ZP- 27D tablet press

ZP- 35 tablet press

The Power

5.5 Kw

5.5 Kw

4 Kw


75000 Pcs/h

90000 Pcs/h

130000 Pcs/h

Max. Diameter

24 mm

25 mm

16 mm

Max. Thickness


8 mm

6 mm


100 KN

100 KN

80 KN

Machine Weight

1600 Kg

1800 Kg

1400 Kg

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