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27d This product is the latest cost-effective automatic multi-function rotary tablet press that can produce special-shaped tablets, round tablets, two-color tablets and annular tablets and corrosive materials. It has high pressure, 120KN; easy to operate and easy to change molds, etc. Advantages, applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, and food industries.

Product Details

1. The 27d product has a maximum output of 55,000/hour. This product uses double pressure, and the output is twice that of the 17d, which is cost-effective. 27d This product has a maximum pressure of 120KN, a maximum filling depth of 35mm, a maximum tablet thickness of 17mm, and a maximum tablet diameter of 25mm.

2. This product of 27d complies with GMP requirements. The whole shell is made of stainless steel, and it is separated from the outside by plexiglass, which has good sealing performance. This product of 27d meets the requirements of "non-toxic, no odor, and anti-corrosion"; the turntable of this product of 27d is made of nodular cast iron, which has a 12-month aging, hard, wear-resistant, and flat.

3. The 27d product has high precision, sensitive adjustment and stable operation.

3.1 The coaxiality of the upper, middle and lower punch holes and the outer circle axis of this product on the axis of the shaft hole of this product is H8 (-0.165/0);

3.2 The roughness of the contact position of the die hole and the upper and lower die guide rails of this product of 27d is Ra≤1.6μm, the feeder is made of tin bronze, the surface is not nickel-chromium plated, and the bottom roughness is Ra≤0.8μm;

3.3 The handwheel of this 27d product has an adjustment sensitivity of 0.1mm;

3.4 The upward and downward motion of the 27d product adopts a cosine curve, and the turntable has increased damping, so it will not jump and rush, and the work will be more stable.


27 set

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs/hour

Max. Pressure(KN)


Max. diameter of Tablet


Max. Filling depth


Max. Thickness of Tablets


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