rotary tablet press

27d This series of tablet press products is a machine that can continuously press powder and granules (difficult to form materials and corrosive materials) into round tablets, special-shaped tablets, two-color tablets and annular tablets. It has the advantages of high pressure and convenient mold replacement. The pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, the electronics industry, and the food industry can all be used with confidence.

Product Details

27d This series of tablet press products are highly intelligent and more convenient to operate.

27d This series of tablet press products are equipped with a pressure overload protection device. It uses the scientific principle of eccentric torque to protect the die of the tablet press and the machine. This pressure overload protection device is compared with other hydraulic overload protection devices. The reaction speed is faster and there is no problem of oil pollution. The pressure overload protection device can start the overload protection response by spring pressure, it has an alarm light, and then the tablet press will automatically stop operating.

27d This series of tablet press products are equipped with an intelligent lubrication system. This intelligent lubrication system is an intelligent lubrication machine using Japanese River Valley technology. The place where the 27d machine needs to be lubricated is regularly and quantitatively refueled. The amount of refueling can be based on customer needs. It can be adjusted flexibly.

27d The contactor 3TB40 22-OXMO of this series of tablet press products is made of Siemens from Germany.Relay MY-2NJ MY-4NJ uses Japanese Omron.

the largest Pressure


the largest Dia. of Tablet


the largest Depth of Filling


the largest Thickness of Tablet



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