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Zp-17d tablet press is equipped with pressure overload protection device, if the pressure overload, it will automatically stop to avoid equipment damage. The tablet press is also equipped with a rotary table double suction device, with six suction ports up and down, the surface of the rotary table will be cleaner. The turntable is made of nodular cast iron qt500 and pressed by solid bar, which has strong hardness, heat resistance, wear resistance and good system stability. 

Zp-17d tablet press has the requirement of safety first. The safety concept runs through the feeding, pressing, emergency stop protection and other links to ensure the safety of each tablet. It also has oil immersed lubrication transmission mechanism, low noise and good lubrication effect. And its power part is sealed and placed at the bottom of the machine to prevent contact with materials and reduce secondary pollution.





Max. Pressure


60 kn


Max. Diameter of Tablet


20 mm

12 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

28 mm

15 mm

15 mm

Max.Thickness of Tablet

10 mm

6 mm

6 mm

Rotary Speed


30 r/min

30 r/min

Maximum production capacity

13200 pc/h

30600 pc/h

37800 pc/h

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