tablet press machine pill

Our company has CE, ISO, GMP, SGS, cGMP, UL and other qualification certificates, which can give you product quality assurance and efficient service. It has won Guangzhou Baiyunshan Tianxin Pharmaceutical, Hainan Yijitang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Xu Fuji, Guangdong Wanfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Modification Pharmaceutical Group, etc.

Product Details

The ZP-27D tablet press machine pill has a 12-month aging turntable, which is hard and wear-resistant. 

27D Tablet press machine pill also has a forced feeder, which can add viscous and fluid materials. It also has a double suction device, which meets the requirements of gmp, and has a better dust suction effect. There is no dust on the turntable.

The water-drop shape of the film outlet makes it easier to discharge the material. The shell of the tablet press is made of stainless steel, and the handwheel is of food grade, with an adjustment accuracy of 0.1mm. The PLC screen is Siemens, from Germany, so it is more convenient to adjust. After being compressed by the ZP-27D tablet press machine pill, the powder and granules become smooth tablets.

Our company has 28 years of experience in the production of tablet presses, spend the same money to buy a better tablet press, and give you top-level procurement services, prosecution services, after-sales services, etc.

Dies No.

27 set 

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs/h

Max. Pressure

120 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet

25 mm

Max. Depth of Filling


Max. Thickness of Tablet

17 mm

Dia. Of Middle Die

Ф38.1 mm  

AC contactor

Germany Siemens


Japan Omron


tablet press machine pill


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