doubleside tablet press machine

A machine developed by 27d tablet press machine company with 23 R&D personnel. It has technological innovation and new functional design. This tablet press machine is developed to meet the standards of the pharmaceutical factory (need to comply with the GMP standard).

Product Details

The 27d doubleside tablet press machine is a new type machine of our company. Its turntable is made of 12-month-aging ductile iron, so that the turntable made can achieve the characteristics of rigidity and resistance to deformation.


Among them, our doubleside tablet press machine also has a water-drop-shaped tablet outlet. This shape is used as a tablet outlet, which can facilitate the discharging of the compressed tablets, will not cause the omission of the tablet, and can take care of each tablet.


Among them, our doubleside tablet press machine has a pressure overload device, which is equipped with a high-sensitivity spring. You only need to set the sensitivity parameter, and if the upper and lower molds of the machine exceed this pressure value, the pressure overload device will be triggered to achieve overload protection.


The doubleside tablet press machine also has a gas spring door control device, which complies with GMP standards and has strict sealing performance. The tablets will not be contaminated and can be easily opened by customers


Dies No.

27 set

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs/h

Max. Pressure


Max. Dia. of Tablet


Length of Upper/Lower Punching Bar


Dia.of Upper/Lower Punching Bar


Rotary Speed

7~17 r/min



Weight of Machine





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