tablet pill press machine

As an enhanced version of zp-17, zp-17d is an automatic rapid rotary tablet press, which can continuously press powder and particles into tablets. It is the first choice for a large number of products of pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, food and other enterprises. Its maximum pressure can reach 100kN, and the maximum diameter of tablet can reach 40mm, meeting the GMP production requirements.

Product Details

Zp-17d tablet pill press machine not only has the advantages of high pressure, wide range of tablet press and pressure overload protection device, but also is equipped with pressure overload protection device, which can automatically stop the machine and avoid equipment damage when overload

Its tablet pill press machine has double dust turntable, turntable adopts solid pressure bar, so the machine has strong hardness, heat resistance, wear resistance and good system stability. At the same time, the rotary table has up and down six suction ports, in addition to the powder effect is good, the surface of the rotary table is clean.

The 17D tablet pressing machine is supported by cast iron, so the stability of the machine is very good. The mould is made of GCr15 material, which has high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

Our customer base is located in various places, and after-sales engineers can arrive at the scene to solve problems in time, such as: Canada, the United States, Italy, the Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, etc.


ZP17D tablet pill press machine

Number of punches

17 set

Max. Pressure

61 kn

Max. Dia. of Tablet

20 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

16 mm

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