mini tablet making machine

In order to make the machine more stable and accurate, we take the following measures: synchronous gear belt is adopted for motor belt, which is not easy to slip; the power transmission is stable; the digital display adjustment is adopted to digitize the data; the supporting part also adopts the material of cast iron, which increases the stability of the machine.

Product Details

As the maximum pressure of zp-17d mini tablet making machine is 100kN and the maximum diameter is 40mm, it is the enhanced version of zp-17, so it will become the first choice for mass production of pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises

The mini tablet making machine has the characteristics of high pressure and wide range of pressure plate. Because the machine is equipped with double dust collecting turntables, the dust removal effect is good, so the disk surface of the rotary table is not easy to accumulate ash due to excessive pressure. At the same time, the rotary table is made of ductile iron qt500, without worrying about the instability caused by long-term use.

Due to the concerns about pollution, we closed the power part at the bottom and adopted transparent organic glass 100% isolation.

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ZP17D mini tablet making machine

Dies No.

17 set

Max. Pressure

61 kn

Max. Dia. of Tablet

20 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

16 mm


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