vitamin effervescent tablet press machine

The 27d tablet press is used for mass production and compression of various tablets, including tablets, health products, candy and other products. The working process of the tablet press has three steps, namely filling, pressing, and discharging, and the finished product can be obtained.

Product Details

The 27d vitamin effervescent tablet press machine is very suitable for materials that are difficult to form. It is equipped with a pre-compression track and is specially equipped for materials that are difficult to form. It has a high pressure and has a 120KN.

It is also very suitable for corrosive materials, because its turntable is made of nodular cast iron, and the nodular cast iron is made with a 12-month aging. It is hard and non-toxic, and it also meets the requirements of GMP.

The powder suction device of the tablet press is also a point that customers are very concerned about. It meets the requirements of GMP and is easy to operate. The turntable is cleaner and tidy, and there will be no debris to contaminate the tablets.

In 2021, people are looking for not only the product, but also the appearance of the product. The vitamin effervescent tablet press machine will produce a very special tablet that can attract customers.



27d vitamin effervescent tablet press machine

Dies No.

27 set

Max. Production Capacity

55000 pcs/ h

Max. Pressure

120 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet

25 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

35 mm

Max. Thickness of Tablet

17 mm

Dia. Of Middle Die

Ф38.1 mm  




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