big size tablet press machine

The 17D big size tablet press machine is a very popular tablet press. It is produced in strict accordance with GMP pharmaceutical standards and is suitable for large-scale mass production industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food and other enterprises, and can produce tablets with a diameter of 40mm.

Product Details

17D big size tablet press machine not only has a wide range of tablets, but also many products that can be compressed ( pharmaceuticals, health products, food, daily necessities, etc. ) such as tablets, effervescent tablets, vitamins, gummies, candies, dry milk tablets, mothballs, etc.


The technology of the big size tablet press machine has a history of nearly one hundred years, and it first started in Europe and America. In China, the tablet press is the earliest pharmaceutical equipment.


In recent years, with the development of technology, it has also begun to pay attention to its quality. The tablet press was developed to meet the characteristics of simple operation, convenient cleaning, and convenient mold replacement. It just so happens that 17D big size tablet press machine meets people's requirements and has become our company's hot-selling product and is deeply loved.


big size tablet press machine

ZP11D tablet press

ZP15D tablet press

ZP17D tablet press

ZP19D tablet press

ZP21D tablet press

Dies No.



17 sets mold



Max. Pressure


80 kn

60 kn

60 kn


Max. Dia. of Tablet


25 mm

20 mm

13 mm

12 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

28 mm

15 mm

15 mm

15 mm

15 mm

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